For all your safety Needs

28″ Traffic Cone, Orange, 7lb

Increases driver and pedestrian awareness. Brilliant fluorescent orange PVC flow-molded over white for maximum visibility. One piece design means no seams to split or tear. Superior flexibility in heat or cold – retains shape after an impact. Cleated base grips the road and the wide body design ensures stability. UV-Stabilizers help prevent fading. Domestic cone – made in the U.S.A.


  • Great for day or night time use.
  • Features 3M 3340 Flexible Reflective cone collar sheeting.
  • Injection Molded cones with no white liner or fading issues.
  • Entire black base comprised of recycled content.
  • New Indented handle makes picking up cones even easier.
  • Non stick area inside conical portion keeps cones from sticking even in the worst conditions.
  • Recessed areas on collard cones protects expensive sheeting.
  • UV stabilized to keep your cones Fluorescent orange for a long, long time.

Comes with 7lb bases