For all your safety Needs

Parade Barricade

  • NCHRP 350 accepted with (2) standard or “D” cell barricade lights
  • 40″ durable plastic leg
  • Available as Type I or Type II barricade
  • Metro and TrafFix A-Frame leg has built in stacking lugs for slip-free storage



The parade barricade is made of rigid impact resistant polyethylene. The barricade leg is sand fillable for ballasting, stackable for storage and transportation. Each parade barricade leg can be used with the I-Beam Rails, Phoenix Plastic Rails, 1″ × 8″ or 2″ × 8″ nominal lumber.

Each Metro-A-Cade is designed with a barricade light mounting hole that can accommodate 1 standard or 1 “D” cell barricade light. The Metro-A-Cade is economical and is compatible with 1 or 2 Phoenix Plastic Rails, or 1″ × 8″ or 2″ × 8″ nominal lumber.

Strength and Flexibility

The flexible yet durable all plastic I-Beam Rail has been in use for over twenty years. It’s made of impact resistant polyethylene to withstand the rough treatment found in construction work zones.

The I-Beam Rails weigh less than one pound per foot, so it’s lightweight and easy to carry. The Rails nest for easy transportation and storage. The I-Beam Rails are made from impact resistant polyethylene to avoid sharp edges and splinters.