For all your safety Needs

Truck-Mount Signs

Full-matrix displays
Text, graphics, and bold arrows
Fully programmable
High-efficiency LEDs
Superior legibility

Travel Position:
Length 56 7/16″
Height 13 1/16″
Length 72 5/8″
Height 56 1/2″
Width 34 1/16″
Large sign 265 lbs. (120kg) with integral tilt-frame
Small sign 220 lbs. (100kg) with integral tilt-frame
Resolution Large sign, 48 x 30 pixels
Small sign, 48 x 20 pixels
34mm pitch
Fonts 12 fonts, from 4×5 to 11×23 pixels, depending on model
Default font 12 in., 5×9 pixels per character
3 lines of 8 characters per line, max. (large sign)
2 lines of 8 characters per line, max. (small sign)
Graphics Preprogrammed, custom, and MUTCD-standard, including bold arrows
Control panel interface

7-inch color touchscreen, capacitive response
800 x 480 pixels, W x H